Monday, February 3, 2014

Jacob Turns 21 - Happy Birthday!!

Hey guys!
How did the week go?
I had a very full, interesting week here in Izucar. I had some really great experiences, that I definitely won't ever forget:)
On Monday night we went to look for an investigator, but she wasn't there, but we did find a less active woman. We didn't really stay to long, we just shared a quick message, and at the end she offered the closing prayer she asked for protection when she went in for testing. We didn't really know what that meant, so we asked her. It turns out she possibly has a brain tumor, and on the 31st shes going in to get tested, and shes really scared. We talked with her for a bit, and then gave her a blessing. It was an experience that just kind of shocked all of us. We just sat in silence in the members car on the way home.
On Wednesday we had our Zone Conference here in Izucar, which was really good. It was the first time I've spoken to or taught the elders in front of President Reeves. I was pretty nervous, but it ended up going really well. I talked about having the faith to meet our goals. We used a lot of visuals, which I think helped a lot. I did one where I blindfolded an elder, stood behind him and told him to fall backwards and I wouldn't let him fall to the ground. So he fell and I caught him, So I started to talk about the fact that we need to have faith that God will help us reach our goals, but if we don't do our part and show that we trust him, we'll just stand there and nothing will happen. Then I said that many times we can't see a way that something can be done, so we lose our faith and we don't put in our part. As I was talking about this, I walked around to the front of the elder, who was still standing there blindfolded, and i told him to fall. He heard that my voice was in front of him now, so he didn't want to fall. I reassured him again that I wasn't going to let him fall. So he fell backwards. What he hadn't realized was that my companion had quietly walked behind him, and my comp got him and it all worked out. We felt like it helped the elders realize that they need to have faith to be able to hit the goals they've put, and they need to keep that faith and act upon it even when it looks impossible to be able to reach those goals.
After the Conference we went to a little town to teach a family, but they weren't there. Only the daughter was there. But she gave us a reference to go visit a woman down the street. So we went! And she told us to come back Friday so that we could give her daughter a blessing. She said her daughter had recently been diagnosed with cancer. We set an appointment with her, and then got on our way.
On Thursday and Friday, we did exchanges in Tulcingo and Acatlan. Those were good, nothing special really. But I did do a baptismal interview with a really awesome 18 year old. Baptismal interviews are always great!
Friday night we went out to that little town to give that blessing to that woman's daughter. When she said recently diagnosed, we thought she she would still be somewhat healthy. But when we walked in, we think that she was basically about pass on. She couldn't speak or move. She was just laying down on her bed, There was about 15 of her friends and family huddled around her. We both didn't really know what to do. But we just talked about the Atonement, and read some scriptures. Then we gave her a blessing. I anointed and my comp sealed it. He said it was the most inspired blessing he ever gave. Then she said thank you in a very faint voice. It was the only word she said. That experience hit us both super hard. She honestly wasn't much older than us. Maybe 30 at the most. We both had never seen anything like that before,  and I think it helped us both recognize a bit more the frailty of life, and how much we really need the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ in our lives. Every single one of us. It was another silent car ride home of course.
The rest of the weekend was really great. We had two baptisms, and it was birthday. Some really great family's celebrated my Bday for me, which was great:)
Ill attach pics and maybe a video of that right now.
I'm running really short on time. But thank you all so much for the Bday wishes:) If I don't get a chance to respond to you, I will next week for sure!
I love you guys,
Elder Wilson