Monday, September 30, 2013


I'm really sorry to everyone I didn't respond to last week! I actually never did get the chance to come back and answer everyone. So for that my message here is going to to be kinda of short. That's okay though, because this week wasn't super exciting. Ill just tell you all a few things exciting that happened!
1. We had a leadership meeting in Puebla. It was my first one, so I didn't know what t expect. But it was super cool! I got to see a lot of my friends from the mission and we had Little Caesars Pizza at the end! Which is a really big deal in here.
2. I finally learned how to pronounce the double R in Spanish. It took me a year, but I finally got it! Becoming more and more Mexican every day!
3. I hit a year on Thursday!
4.Yesterday I confirmed Raquel, the Women who got baptized last week! I was so nervous, I don't know why, I have done it before but my leg was shaking uncontrollably. It was a really awesome experience, even though I was nervous.

I will write more next week! Watch and enjoy general conference this week!
I love you guys.
Elder Wilson

Monday, September 23, 2013

Krispy Kreme in Mexico, and the baptism of Raquel!

Heelllo! How was everyones week?Thursday is my year mark! Its been strange, because everyday i've been thinking to myself "Wow, a year ago I was in such and such place, or I was doing such and such with such and such." But not its gonna be "Wow, a year ago I was... On my mission:" Haha. But its great! I cant believe how fast its passing, im actually kind of sad cuz its all going to be over before I know it! I would also like to ask everyone to pray for the people of guerrero mexico. They were hit by a a rather large hurricane, and basically they have the same situation going on as new orleans when katrina hit. Its the state just just south of puebla, but nothing happened here, just lots of rain. But yes, keep them in your prayers!
Tuesday - Well we have a wonderful new investigator named Catalina. About a year ago her and her boyfriend Luiz were listening to the missionaries, and Luiz got baptised! He's a wonderful member in our ward who is right now preparing for his mission. Catalina however, said she was not going to change and wanted nothing to do with the missionaries.... Until last week! We ran into her in a restuarant, and she said we could come visit her. At first she was a little cold, and actually said she had a lot of doubts about what we were teaching. But on tuesday we promised her if she read and prayed, those doubts would disappear. But I won't get ahead of myself:) The rest of the day was also really great!
Wednesday - We had our district meeting in the morning, and the zone leaders popped in to surprise me. That was great! I always feel so nervous when they come to watch my district meetings. But I think it went pretty well. The rest of the day was good, we got to visit some less actives and a few members.
Thursday - We got to talk with raquel, are investigator that was just super prepared from the get go. She always brightens up our day, and well she always gives us food too:) A little girl in the had to have her appendix taken out, and shes only 2! So we went to visit the family, and we ran some errands for them that they cant do, because the little girl cant leave the house right now.
Friday - We met with Catalina again! She said that she had prayed and read. And she said that she did feel better, and that her doubts had been resolved. But she still wasnt sure about baptism. We asked her if she had prayed about baptism and she said no. We explained to her that she wouldnt know if she should be baptized  or not if she didnt ask it in a prayer. So right there we all got on our knees and she offered the prayer. The only problem was that she has a dog thatsnuts! And the second we got on her knees it thought we wanted to play. So to be honest, I have no clue what she said in the prayer, because i was basically going WWE on this dog so that it would be queit. I thought there was no way she felt the spirit. My tie and hair were all disheveled, my shirt was untucked, just a mess. But after the prayer Catalina just sat there for a couple a minutes, and she just cried. She had asked if she should be baptized on the 12th of october, and she got her answer in the very moment she asked. Even though the thing with the dog was super obnoxious, it ended up being one of the most powerful spiritual moments I've ever had in my mission. And Catalina is going to be Baptized on the 12th of october:)
Sabado - We went back with Cathia, and basically just confirmed everything she had felt the day before. It was Crazy, It was like she was a completely different person. Smiling and laughing, it was a really happy lesson. Later trhat night we had a family home evening with the garcias, who are amazing. And we were able to invite a less active named marco alor.
Sunday - It was a great day:) The highlight was definitely the baptism of Raquel. Shes such an amazing lady. She has been listening the the missionaries for nearly 7 years, and she finally made the decision to be baptized. Great day.
Im gonna attatch some photos right now, and if i dont write you right now, dont worry because Im going to come back to the internet in a few hours.
I love you guys!
Elder Wilson

Monday, September 16, 2013

Mexico Independence!

Hello Everybody!
I will be coming home a year from tomorrow! September 17th 2014!
Its weird though, i feel like im just getting comfortable here in the mission, like I'm just getting settled in, and I only have a year left!

I missed you guys last week, I'm sorry! I didn't have a ton of time to write.
But this week I am writing, So don't worry!
Monday - We had a pretty fun pday on Monday. We went shopping in a mall here in Choula (well really we just looked around at stuff.) Then that night we had a great family home evening with an amazing family. Their son and brother  got baptized 3 years ago, and then went on his mission a year later. Since he's been gone his sister and his mom have both joined the church, and now he'll be coming home in December! Its a pretty cool story, and actually she brought her boyfriend over, and now we are teaching him also. It was a good successful day.
Tuesday - We had a zone meeting. I was surprised to see how much are zone has grown, and we now have six sister missionaries in the zone, making us 24 in all. Its amazing how many more missionary's have been arriving since the age change a year ago. Later that night we were able to have so really good lessons with investigators and less actives.
Wednesday - Was a jam packed day, we had so many lessons of high quality. We actually found a new investigator named Catalina. About 8 months ago her boyfriend got baptized, but he didn't really treat her very well, which really turned her off to the church. But now they have broken up, and  she was willing to listen to us again. We told her to forgot the bad things that maybe people had done to her, and listen to our message from scratch again. She agreed, and now she is listening to us also!
Thursday - Was a pretty slow day, we were able to visit quite a few people, but I do not know, it was still really slow. Happens!
Friday - Friday was..... Awesome!! This weekend was the  Mexican independence and in the church we had a Mexican night. Oh my goodness. Church parties in Mexico are so much better than church parties in the US. First of all, we had a good number of less actives and investigators come out. But then we had o much food! It was all seven wards from the stake, and they all brought an endless supply of delicious food. Oh my gosh i have never eaten so much in my life. It was all great fun, and a lot of really good things came from it.
Saturday - We had a lesson with Catalina, and she decided baptism is what she wants to do.. We have a baptismal service set up for her on the 12th of October! Later on we had a lesson with an investigator named Fernando, from Columbia. He came to church the last week and just showed really excited to learn more about god. Hes a very simple humble man, and we love him! We talked with him about baptism also, and he said he yes also. His service is set up for the 12th of October also!
Sunday - All of our investigators came to church, and three less actives that haven't showed up the whole time i have been here in this ward! After wards we had a lesson with Fernando at a members house where all three of there kids are leaving on missions in 2 months. They just blasted him the spirit, and afterwards he told us that that just helped him confirm his feelings that that's what he wants to follow. It was sweet.

That was my week, Tell me about yours!
I love you guys,
Elder Wilson

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Buenos Tardes!

Buenos tardes! How was everyone's week??
Mine was pretty good! It was the last week of this six week transfer, but my companion and I are going to staying here in Cholula at least six more weeks! Which i am very happy about because I love it here!
I would also like to wish a happy birthday to all the august birthdays there were. I know there is lot in the family on both sides, so i won't even try to start naming them!
Monday: We had a family home evening with a family in the ward and our investigator named Rachel. It was really fun, We played games and watched some really cool videos. Rachel is progressing more and more everyday, her baptismal date is the 22nd of this month!:)
Tuesday: Well Tuesday was pretty normal, except that we found a new family! Its a family of 7 and they have already decided they wanna get baptized! They are really awesome and super sweet. The only only problem is that their landlord doesn't like us very much. Shes always trying to kick us out... But we aren't to worried about that! We are hoping their baptisms will be the end of this month/beginning of October.
Wednesday: Wednesday we had interviews with president reeves, which was fantastic as always as always.  Then that same night we had a lesson with one our investigators, Isabel. Shes is a little more difficult, we could say. But Wednesday was really good, it was a very  spiritual lesson, and we were able to find out most of her doubts and fears of joining the church, and now we can properly help her.
Thursday: Thursday was a day where the majority of our lessons fell through. But we were able to teach that new family again and Rachel!
Friday: I went on interchanges with elder Swensen. He came to my area, and it went really well. We were able to learn from each other, and teach a lot of people. We had a family home evening with a family i absolutely love! We had a really good time, and we got to learn a lot more about them, and i feel like we really gained there trust.
Saturday: Was kinda boring My companion and i waited in the house. all day for mattresses and dressers to arrive at our house for other missionaries. Then we went to an activity for the other elders in our zone. It was supposed to be a really cool theater production. We got stuck outside though in a booth that no one visited. 
Sunday: Was a good fast Sunday. I did end up getting a little bit sick though. I'm starting to feel better today though. We found out who has changes last night. We don't, but one of the elders in our district does. He will be leaving tomorrow. Kinda sad. His name is elder Salmeron, and hes from Honduras. He will be on to better things though!
Well that was my week, i hope you all have a great one!
I love you guys!
Elder Wilson