Tuesday, September 2, 2014

It's September...2014

It's September...2014... Does that seem extremely weird to anyone else??
You know your whole mission that the end will come someday, and you always hear everyone say how fast it comes... but I'm still completely blown away at how fast this has all gone by.
I can honestly say that the mission is the best thing I've ever done in my life. I love serving the Lord. I love being able to say that I'm one of his representatives. Nothing can replace His name upon your chest. You literally have the authority and power to walk into a persons house, and turn their life completely around for the better.
It's been so great. It's been so hard. It's been so rewarding.
We had 3 baptism on Saturday, and amazing family that we've been working with since the beginning of July. We actually joined our baptismal service with the sisters from another Ward, so 6 people were baptized in total. I baptized the father(Probably the last time I'll put on the White clothes!) and I confirmed him on Sunday. Both of those experiences and watching the family bear their testimonies to the Ward on Sunday, reminded me of why I'm here. "And thus they become new creatures" said Mosiah 27:26. The Gospel changes us. And the greatest part of all this isn't seeing a change in yourself (which of course happens), but its seeing the change in others that really brings happiness.
I'm excited guys:) 16 days right? ::)
I've been lacking on pictures lately, so I'm going to send a bunch today. Things that are included are the baptisms pf Mario, Guadalupe, and Christopher. And other baptisms of Josefa and Lupita. Also the wedding of Guadalupe and some other crazy stuff!
I love you guys!
Elder Wilson


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Coming Home Soon!

Well, it has been a transfer full of miracles. It just came to end, but we are staying together!! So Elder Werber is going to be my last companion:) It's been absolutely wonderfeul the last 22-23 months, and the last month and a half looks like its going to be the best yet. I'm in an amazing place, with amazing people. And like I said, we're seeing miracles:)
I'd like to share with you all one of those miracles.
Everytime we leave the house, we kneel and pray. As we pray we ask for guidance and help in finding those whom the Lord is preparing. Well one day, about a month ago, Elder Werber and I did just that, and then we left to work. We went to search for referal we had from other missionaries, and well we got pretty lost.... The address took us to a part of our area that neither of us had ever visited before. We were literally in the middle of nowhere(If I can I will attatch a picture to show where we were at). Well we were walking, way far from our house, with paved streets long behind us, and we walked into a man! He told us that his name was alejandro, and that he was an inactive member of the Church. He hadn't gone in nearly 9 years to church, and said that no one knew where is ne house was. I'm here to testify guys, that nobody EVER would have found this guys house if we hadnt ran into him that day. It was so far away. Well anyways we found him in the best moment possible. He was going through a huge fight with his wife, and actually just a week after we found him, she left him. We were right with him the whole time, helping him cope and become a better man. He had a smoking problem, we gave him a blessing, and he has completely dropped smoking. He is such a great man. Just last week he baptized his son Pablo, and is now preparing himself to recieve the melchezidek priesthood. All this has happend in about months time. It's the very definition of a miracle. We acted in faith looking for that referral(which to this day we havent found) and the Lord led us right to that man, so that we could help him stabalize his life and come back to the Lord's Church. The Spirit guides the Lord's obedient diligent servants in all things.
I'd like to share with you a story I read this past week in the Liahona by Elder Zivic of the Seventy, showing how important it is to follow the Lords commandments, and not the worlds standards!:
"Several years ago I went to Arches National Park with my wife; our daughter, Evelin; and a family friend. One of the most famous arches there is called Delicate Arch. We decided to walk about 1.5 miles (2 km), climbing the mountain in order to reach the arch.
We started off on our pathway with great enthusiasm, but after walking a short stretch, the others needed to rest. Because of my desire to get there, I decided to continue on alone. Without paying attention to the path I ought to take, I followed a man in front of me who seemed to be moving forward with great surety. The pathway became more and more difficult, and I had to jump from one rock to another. Because of the difficulty, I was sure the women in my group would never make it. Suddenly I saw Delicate Arch, but to my great surprise, I saw that it was in an area inaccessible to me.
With great frustration, I decided to go back. I waited impatiently until we met up again. My immediate question was “Did you reach Delicate Arch?” They happily told me that they had. They explained that they had followed the signs showing the way, and with care and effort, they had reached their destination.
Unfortunately, I had taken the wrong way. What a great lesson I learned that day!
How often do we make a mistake about the right way, letting ourselves be led along by the trends of the world? We need to continually ask ourselves if we are being doers of the words of Jesus Christ."
The Lord has given us the guide to life through his holy prophets! Let us follow that guide, and arrive exactly where we want to and with the people we want.
I love you guys, 
See you soon;)
Elder Wilson

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fantastic Challenges!

Whats up guys!? What is the news at home?
I've been having some crazy stuff happen lately, and its a fantastic challenge I have laid ahead of me by the Lord.
I am working in literally the most productive ward I've ever worked in, with the most effective bishop ever. And it has brought around much fruit. Yesterday we had seven investigators come to Church, and all seven have agreed to be baptized, and accepted dates. Its great!
The only thing is, every single one has a huge trial they are having to overcome to make this decision. Examples:
Josefina and Ivan: Their husband and father passed away not to long ago. They have spent years going from Church to Church looking for the answer to their pain and doubts. Josefina feels like she's found it. Ivan, however, has trouble really trusting anyone. He tried to commit suicide about a year ago, and since has really been a lost kid. We have such a hard time connecting with him, and haven't had much success in getting him to open up. Just yesterday though, we got him to finally accept that we are just normal kids, or at least were at one point haha.
Another Example:
The Santana Family. The mom just left the family to go live with another woman who practices some type of witchcraft, but says that it is all in the name of God. The brother is an inactive member, and is very scared. We have explained to him, and he knows, that Satan has no power to hurt him unless he gives in to his temptations. It is strange every time we go in that house. He knows that the way to fix and find comfort in the problems he's facing is getting by active in the Gospel and getting his children baptized. The gospel of Jesus Christ can heal all.

Mario Maria and Christopher: These three are golden investigators, and they have been since we started. They have a date to get baptized on the 27th of this month. One thing with them is that they need to get married. (They have lived together for 20 years almost, they just haven't been married yet). But the Lord has asked us to obey the laws of the land, so to obey the law of chastity and get married to be baptized. Well anyways, the husband said yes to being married, but the wife has a been a bit iffy. The other day we found out why. The wife has a daughter from another man, and one day that daughter came to visit. Well the husband tried to well..., sexually assault her. The wife caught them and stopped it. That was years and years ago, but, with reason, she does not feel she can trust him. I think that two years ago, I would've hated this man and told the woman to leave him... But I know that Jesus Christ lives. I know that Jesus Christ already paid for this. Not only for the very grievous sin this man tried to commit, but also for the immense emotional damage that was done to that young woman and her mother. The Lord has put these people in our path for a reason.He wants them to change, he wants for them to be healed of these pains that have been in their hearts for so long. The Lord has the power to fix this family,and help them all reach Eternal Life together.
With all these families we have our work cut out for us. But I know that we are not alone. as we are obedient and seek the guidance of the Spirit, he will tell us exactly how we need to help these people overcome their past selves, and "become new creatures in Christ."
I couldn't think of a more wonderful way to finish my mission.
I love you all!
Elder Wilson

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Feeling Sick 7/7/14

Well we had a great week! How about you guys?? How was your 4th of July? That didn't get celebrated here, shocker. Actually someone got mad at us when we told them it was independence day, because Arizona and Nevada used to be part of Mexico? haha.
It was great week though, full of humbling and uplifting experiences.
We have a great family of three that have agreed to get baptized on the 27th of July. Their names are Mario, Maria, and Christopher! They are amazing, they came to Church yesterday and they loved it!
 We also got to know really well the mother in law of the bishop. She is also awesome by the way, and is also going to get baptized the 27th:)
We also had a great experience with a man named Noah. His wife is a less active, but wants to come back, and he also wants to get baptized. Also for the 27th:)
And for this next story, I know all the women that are mothers will get upset with me, but it already happened, so what are ya gonna do??:)
I woke up Wednesday morning with a really sore throat and stuffy nose, but we had some really important lessons, so we went out anyways, and it starting pouring and it was freezing. And well I was walking around without a jacket, soaking wet... It just got worse. Well Thursday morning I woke up with a raging headache, but well, call it stupidity, pride, or just being awesome, we went out and worked all day... in the rain. By the end of the day I could barely hold my head up my head ache was so bad, and I literally felt like my head was cooking. The bishop, who was accompanying us, noticed my dire state of health, and took us back to his house. There, his wife, who wasn't very happy with me, took my temperature.. 102.7 F. I was basically walking around almost dead:) I had strep throat haha. Its all taken care of now though, Doctor, antibiotics, the whole shabang. It was great though, because my companion gave me a priesthood blessing that was probably the most inspired I've ever had. Even he was surprised by what he told me!
The church is true guys:) I wouldn't trade the mission for anything!

I love you!
Elder Wilson

Monday, July 7, 2014

Big Changes 6/30/14

So, it was quite a crazy change meeting. The craziest I've ever seen.
I don't remember if I told you guys or not, but President Reeves finished his mission and went home last week, so this was the last change meeting he ever did. 
I had told you guys that I was going to training a new missionary, but for whatever reason that didn't happen... So when I showed up to the meeting for new trainers, which was right before changes, President took me aside and  talked to me. Really I wasn't going to train a brand new missionary (only two elders arrived), I was going to finish the training of another elder whose training had apparently not gone that well, but president said that wasn't necessary anymore, idk why. He said he had a special new assignment for me. Well I was excited about that.
When we got to changes, the first thing President said was that he had felt the impression that there were many elders in the mission that needed leadership experience, but weren't getting it because there is so many elders and so many elders had been leaders for a long, and that many zone leaders were going to become just normal elders, some even junior companions. I think the whole room froze when he said that ha. And whelp, almost every single zone leader with more that a couple changes as zone leader, was made junior companion to finish there mission. I wasn't made junior companion, but i did just become a normal senior companion. For the first time in a year I don't have any leadership position. I'm just a normal missionary, in a great ward in Mayorazgo called San Ramon. (Its a new ward that was just split from the ward Castillotla), and ready to just work my butt off for the next 11 weeks. My companions name is elder Werber, he's from Las Vegas and hes been serving 7 months in the mission. Actually, I was his zone leader in Izucar, and I know he's a great elder. He speaks amazing Spanish for only 7 months, and hes a very hard worker and super obedient.
This is where I'll be finishing my mission, and I'm pumped for it!
The Church is true, and this is the greatest work in the world. I'll be making the most I can out of the 2.5 months I have left, and I'll see you guys on the other side:)
I love you all,
talk to you soon
Elder Wilson

Monday, June 23, 2014

Big News!!

Hello Everybody!

I have news! Well, not really because I haven't written barely at all these last few months. So I guess I should give some background.
Well since the beginning of April I have been back in the city of Tehuacan, my favorite place in all of Puebla! The last six weeks I have been with a great companion named Elder Womack. Elder Womack and I have been having a great time here as zone leaders, and the zone has had a lot of success these last few months, its just been a great time! I was fully expecting to finish my mission here but... I got the call last night that I have changes... Big bummer. So tomorrow I will be reassigned to a new area, and I will be finishing my mission there! I also got the call that I will be training a new missionary, so that means I won't be a zone leader anymore. But that's alright! That's how the church works, one day you can be a bishop, the next day a primary teacher! I'm excited. Very nervous, but excited-
Another interesting thing that happened this week was... The secretaries called me and told me they were arranging my flight plans. It's coming fast guys... September 17th I will be there.
I've absolutely loved the last 21 months that I've served, and I'm excited to go in and make these last three months the best of my mission:)
You guys all have a great week! I love you and have a great week!
P.s. Some pics!!


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Elder Womack

Hey Everybody!!
How's everything going there back at home?
Sounds like everyone is getting ready for that san fran trip next week. That'll be great! Make sure to send pictures.
Well everyone, what are your summer plans? Any big trips or activities planned? Fill me in!
I am having a great time here in Tehuacan, and I have a new companion. His name is Elder Womack, from Caysville Utah. He's awesome, we're having so much fun and working hard. It's the best my mission has been in awhile. We already had one baptism together, and we have more each of the next 3 or 4 weeks:) The Lord has really blessed this whole zone lately.
2 sister missionaries, sister smith and sister Gomez had 3 baptisms on Saturday, which was an absolute miracle. We weren't expecting it at all, so to congratulate them we wrote a funny little rap in Spanish and rapped it to them Saturday night. We decided that we are going to do make a personalized every time someone baptizes in the zone.
It's definitely been strange lately, I hit 20 months since i started my mission today. I'm one of the oldies now haha. But its great!
I love you guys. Remember that, even when you feel alone and that no one understands, there's always someone there. All you gotta do is kneel down and offer a prayer.
I love you guys!
Elder Wilson    

May 5th 2014

Hello Everyone again this week! happy 5 de mayo!
How are we all doing?
Are you guys ready for mothers day?
This will be my last phone call home! Haha:)
I can't wait to talk to you guys, it always leaves me with the best feeling:)
This week has been pretty crazy, we were in Puebla a whole lot. We had interviews with president reeves, a leadership traing meeting, and a leadership council at presidents house on  friday.
But, even though we didnt have much happen in the area because we were gone, we had a baptism yeserday, which was great:) A man named victor who we've been teaching for a little over a month. He was very happy, and his son came and wants to listen to us now, so great!
I had a great experience with my fast yesterday, and I'd like to share it with you guys. I've had a lot of things on my mind lately, things that have worried me and have really kind of distracted me from being 100% immersed in the work this week. When I started me fast on saturday afternoon I decided to fast that those worries would be taken away. Well it ended up turning out that my fast coundnt be broken until later in the evening last night, becaquse of the baptism. I ended up fasting for about 26 or 27 hours. (If you dont know fasting is going without food or water, and its purpose is to help us overcome the physical, and put our trust in the spiritual). Well I was hurting quite a bit yesterday, but i pushed through. I could literally feel the weight being lifted off my shoulders and chest. All my worries that were there saturday, were gone.
I know that God loves us. I know that he hears our prayers, espescially when they are accompanied by a fast. I would invite you to, if you are going yhrough a tough time or feel confused , alone, whatever, I would invite you to fast. It truly has power.
I love yoy guys.
Talk to you soon
Elder Wilson

April 28th 2014

Hey Everyone!
I'm sorry I have not written one of these letters in a long time. I have however been doing my best to respond to everyone of your personal emails to me. Know that I love you, and that I read every single email that gets sent to me.
I won't be to long today, I promise I will get back into that routine next week.
I would like to talk a little about the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and about the grace the Lord can offer us because of that atonement.
Many times we can be confused on what it it is exactly that Christ's sacrifice does for us. We may think that because he paid for all our sins, that we have nothing to do in this life, that we have no personal responsibility. But, many times that we may be led to think that there is a certain cuota that Christ expects us to fill, so that Christs Atonement can take affect in our lives. Both of these ideas, are wrong.
Christs atonement is infinite. It completely payed the debt that needed to be payed. Becuase of it, we will all someday be resurrected, become immortal, and return to God's presence. So then, why all the commandments and ordinances and stuff? We are all just going to be saved anyway right?. Well not exactly. If we want to be able to stay in God's presence FOREVER and with our FAMILIES, we must comply with what Christ asks of us. We must decide to use Christs atonement in this life, to be able to be changed and become like Christ in the next.
We do not have faith, repent, be baptized, recieve the Holy Ghost, or endure to the end to qualify for Christs Atonement. Instead we do those things so that it can be used to its fullest to make us perfect, however long that may take. It isnt like we are paying off a debt, Christ already did that. It is more as if we were putting money into a savings account, saving up so that someday we may have the greatest gift of all. Eternal Life.
I know that Christ lives. I know that as we go through this life, and use his atonement, he is with us every step of the way. It doesn't matter what you've done, or how many times you've done it. He is there, waiting for you, begging for you to repent and make things right. It is not an easy thing to do, but it is the only way we can become like our Father in Heaven. We all must suffer for our sins, but we do not suffer becuase we are being punished. We suffer becuasethat suffering is 100 percent nessecary if we are to change! Heavenly Fatherloves us, and so does his son Jesus Christ. They always will. Lets do whatever it is to do to become right with Lord, however difficult it may be. I promise you that the joy of knowing that your sins have been forgiven, is much greater than any amount of guilt or humiliation we may feel.
I invite you all to read Alma chapter 36 in the Book of Mormon.
I love you all.
I hope you have a great week.
Elder Wilson

- Sorry I am a little behind!

Monday, March 17, 2014

3-3-14 - A little behind!

Hey everybody!
I haven't written a letter like this in a long time, and I'm sorry! I've been using a lot of my internet time to apply for school and things like that. 
Its getting hot down here in Izucar de Matamoros, but we are still having a great time! On valentines we had an investigator married and then president reeves came and baptized him the same day! Then that next Monday my old companion was getting ready to go home, so we went to the city of Tehuacan to visit some of his converts there. Tehuacan was also my first area! So I was able to visit my converts also:)
Then I got my new companion Elder Packer, who is a really great guy. He was in Cholula where I was before, and he got invited back to do a baptism. It turns out that I know the mom of the girl he baptized really well! And I got to see all my converts and friends from my ward in Cholula too:) It was great! Ive had the opportunity to see so many great things and miracles lately:)

This week, my studies brought me to Ezekiel chapter 37. In this chapter the prophet Ezekiel is shown a vision concerning the resurrection of the dead. Ezekiel sees a valley full of dry bones, and the Lord asks him if the bones will live again. Ezekiel says yes and the Lord tells him to prophesy to the bones. As he does the bones come together, and it says that all the sinews and flesh returned to the bones. Finally the lord "breathes" life into the bodies so that may live again. Later in the book of Mormon Alma chapter 40 through 42, the prophet Alma testifies of and explains the resurrection even more. Later, in 1 Corinthians 15, the apostle Paul goes into great detail about the resurrection and how it will be. Many many years later, the prophet Joseph smith increased our understanding of the resurrection even more through the temples and ordinances performed there
The prophets and apostles of old saw our day and rejoiced. We live in blessed times, when the priesthood and temple ordinances that our performed through it are in full effect here on the earth. The sacred ordinances performed in the temples are divine, and truly seal us as family members forever. When one has been sealed in the temple to their family, and they have been true to their covenants, death is sweet. They can rest assured that the very same priesthood power that created the universe and everything in it, will be binding them to their loved ones throughout all eternity.
I know that's true. I know you can know too. prayerfully read and study the scriptures I have shared today, then pray and ask God if these things are true. The spirit will testify to you with power through feelings of peace, surety, and warmth. I promise.
I love you all and hope you have a great week.
Elder Wilson

Monday, February 3, 2014

Jacob Turns 21 - Happy Birthday!!

Hey guys!
How did the week go?
I had a very full, interesting week here in Izucar. I had some really great experiences, that I definitely won't ever forget:)
On Monday night we went to look for an investigator, but she wasn't there, but we did find a less active woman. We didn't really stay to long, we just shared a quick message, and at the end she offered the closing prayer she asked for protection when she went in for testing. We didn't really know what that meant, so we asked her. It turns out she possibly has a brain tumor, and on the 31st shes going in to get tested, and shes really scared. We talked with her for a bit, and then gave her a blessing. It was an experience that just kind of shocked all of us. We just sat in silence in the members car on the way home.
On Wednesday we had our Zone Conference here in Izucar, which was really good. It was the first time I've spoken to or taught the elders in front of President Reeves. I was pretty nervous, but it ended up going really well. I talked about having the faith to meet our goals. We used a lot of visuals, which I think helped a lot. I did one where I blindfolded an elder, stood behind him and told him to fall backwards and I wouldn't let him fall to the ground. So he fell and I caught him, So I started to talk about the fact that we need to have faith that God will help us reach our goals, but if we don't do our part and show that we trust him, we'll just stand there and nothing will happen. Then I said that many times we can't see a way that something can be done, so we lose our faith and we don't put in our part. As I was talking about this, I walked around to the front of the elder, who was still standing there blindfolded, and i told him to fall. He heard that my voice was in front of him now, so he didn't want to fall. I reassured him again that I wasn't going to let him fall. So he fell backwards. What he hadn't realized was that my companion had quietly walked behind him, and my comp got him and it all worked out. We felt like it helped the elders realize that they need to have faith to be able to hit the goals they've put, and they need to keep that faith and act upon it even when it looks impossible to be able to reach those goals.
After the Conference we went to a little town to teach a family, but they weren't there. Only the daughter was there. But she gave us a reference to go visit a woman down the street. So we went! And she told us to come back Friday so that we could give her daughter a blessing. She said her daughter had recently been diagnosed with cancer. We set an appointment with her, and then got on our way.
On Thursday and Friday, we did exchanges in Tulcingo and Acatlan. Those were good, nothing special really. But I did do a baptismal interview with a really awesome 18 year old. Baptismal interviews are always great!
Friday night we went out to that little town to give that blessing to that woman's daughter. When she said recently diagnosed, we thought she she would still be somewhat healthy. But when we walked in, we think that she was basically about pass on. She couldn't speak or move. She was just laying down on her bed, There was about 15 of her friends and family huddled around her. We both didn't really know what to do. But we just talked about the Atonement, and read some scriptures. Then we gave her a blessing. I anointed and my comp sealed it. He said it was the most inspired blessing he ever gave. Then she said thank you in a very faint voice. It was the only word she said. That experience hit us both super hard. She honestly wasn't much older than us. Maybe 30 at the most. We both had never seen anything like that before,  and I think it helped us both recognize a bit more the frailty of life, and how much we really need the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ in our lives. Every single one of us. It was another silent car ride home of course.
The rest of the weekend was really great. We had two baptisms, and it was birthday. Some really great family's celebrated my Bday for me, which was great:)
Ill attach pics and maybe a video of that right now.
I'm running really short on time. But thank you all so much for the Bday wishes:) If I don't get a chance to respond to you, I will next week for sure!
I love you guys,
Elder Wilson

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Year 2014

Hello everyone!
How have everyones first couple weeks of the year been? We can officially start saying I come home this year. Which is nuts. After this transfer I only have 5 transfers left. Its a little wierd, and they say this last part of your mission is the fastest. For the first time in my mission I have been feeling trunky! (or anxious to be home)I think it has a lot to do with my companion though. He goes home at the end of this transfer in february, and well, He's always talking about home ha. I cant blame him though, the man hasnt been home in 2 years! Sometimes he gets me really excited about going home though, and then I realize I still do have 8 months left though ha.
He is still super focused on the work though. We have a goal to have baptisms every weekend before he gets home. And we started it off well! We had the baptism of a young man named Leo yesterday. (I shall attatch a photo) And the rest of weekends look like theyre really lining up well so that we can hit that goal:)

This week was very busy, but we were still able to get a good amount of work done in our area. We had the transfer meeting on tuesday. My companion and  I stayed together. We got some really good elders in the zone. And we got sister missionaries for the first time in the history of the Izucar zone! We share our branch with them and Everyone is really excited for them to be here. We are too, they'll do good.
Then we had zone meeting this week. But because our zone is so big the elders dont come to us, we go to them. So we actually did 3 zone meetings over the course of 3 days.
As I was preparing and praying for what to share in my zone meeting, I was able to come up with a lot of good things. President Reeves asked us to talk about reaching our potential, so I focused on that, and I talked about discouragement, and how destructive that can be to us as missionaries. But it really is true for all of us.
I won't share with you everything I shared with the missionaries, but I'll share a quote I used from President Uchtdorf: "Brethren, our destiny is not determined by the number of times we stumble but by the number of times we rise up, dust ourselves off, and move forward."
I really like that quote. We're not perfect, and we're not supposed to be. Perfection comes in the next life. To God, it doesn't matter how many times we've messed up in this life. We still always have the oppurtunity to leave bad habits behind. To forget past sins and move on. The Atonement of Jesus Christ covers whatever we've done in the past, we just have to do our part. Every single one of you have divine potential. Your father in heaven loves yous, and wants you to succeed. Never be discouraged at the things that happen in this life, they are part of his plan.
I love you guys, and hpe you have a great week!
Elder Wilson

Christmas! (A little Late) 12/30

Well I hope you guys had a great Christmas! And I hope you have a better new years!
I'm just gonna send some pics today!
I love you guys!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Speaking to Elder Wilson on Christmas Day

Final we figured out how to skype (Stowers family may be a little slow).  It was so wonderful to see and hear Elder Wilson!! We miss him so much and at family gatherings it's so nice to feel like he's there with us.  He looked wonderful and sounded even better. He's in a very remote part of Mexico right now and said when you think of Mexico with donkeys and farm houses you're right on the money with where he is.  He has about 9 months left THATS IT! Can't believe times gone that fast. We love you Elder Wilson