Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hi everybody! How is everybody doing? (I don't fully know who "everybody" encompasses, because I don't know who all reads the blog) But every week I think I'm going to start sending group messages to be posted on there. They're going to be relatively short for the next couple weeks while I'm in the MTC because I have limited email time here, but once I'm actually out in the field they will be longer. My time here in the MTC has been very interesting to say the least, and it continues to be more and more interesting. I have basically no connection to the outside world, I sit in the same classroom for hours every day, and the only books I have to read are the scriptures. Sounds pretty boring right? Well, and I think the rest of the kids in my district would attest to this, I have never been this happy! I don't have bad days in the MTC, ever! Theres bad moments from time to time sure, but those are almost immediately replaced with an amazing moment. Even the first 4-5 days when I was like super depressed, I was super happy! I would say that I can't explain it , but I can. The spirit here is unlike anywhere I have ever been. Every one here is constantly, everyday trying to become more like Christ. I've seen elders in here that I thought were the biggest jokes that really had no business being on missions, completely change in these last six weeks into full blown missionaries. The spirit has that type of power, that it can completely change a man. I've never felt this close to my heavenly father before, and I know that that connection is only going to increase. If you don't have a connection with your Heavenly Father right now, or you know it should be stronger, go ahead and kneel down tonight and make that connection. It doesn't have to be very long or profound, just make it sincere. God wants to hear from us, he wants us to talk to him. I can testify that when we earnestly and sincerely pray, we truly are connecting with heaven. I've felt and seen it over and over again in my life, especially here in the MTC. I love you guys, and hope that You're all doing well. Until next week!

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