Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Some Things Never Change :)

When he was home, I received random requests because I was the "capable" one. It appears some things never change!! It's good to know he is doing well though!

Sam! Sorry I didn't email last week, Don't know why! That's great that you've finally got a date for getting married! Spanish is pretty good:) It's gonna be rough for a month or two, but I got it!I miss you and love you guys! Let everyone know!

P.s. Because I know you have certain capabilities others don't in the family, do you think you could do me a favor. Could you send me some type of cd player that doesn't use headphones? I'm not allowed to have headphones. Could you burn me a CD too?

Here's a couple songs (They have to be church or at least good spirited)
-"Seasons of time" From the play rent. The Stevie wonder addition if you can.
-"Be a man" Mulan soundtrack
-"Army of heleman/sisters in zion melody" Church song
-"Poor wayfaring man of grief" another church song, don't really care what artist.
-"I won't say I'm in love" Hercules soundtrack
-"If you could hie to kolob" church song
-"The spirit of god" Church song.

And idk whatever else you can find. If you can't I can understand! I'm only here for 12 more days! Okay, love you! thanks!