Monday, July 22, 2013

Goodbyes are awkward?

Hey everybody!  Hows everyones week been? I hope that everyone was able to have a very productive, enjoyable week! Mine was very good. I do have some exciting news. For those who may not have heard, my friend Ryan got his mission call! He will be going to the Paraguay Asuncion Mission, and he reports to the argentina MTC  on November 21st. Super excited for him:)
We had a pretty good, full week this week:
Tuesday - We had exchanges on tuesday, and I stayed in my area with Elder Pendleton. He just got to the mission 5 weeks ago from Utah, but his spanish is actually pretty good. It was a really fun day, and we had some really good spiritual lessons. Hes a really awesome elder. Very humble, very diligent, I feel like there is a lot i can learn from him. 
Wednesday - I was back with my companion, elder gonzales. We actually spent most of the day helping a sister in her tortilleria. Usually her kids help her out, but they were in EFY all week, So i got to learn how to make tortillas:) 
Thursday - We had some great lessons! We actually had an appointment with a young man named moises, but instead we found his mom and siblings. Turns out the ,mom is interested and the whole family is willing to hear us! Its a very gratifying feeling to see the lord preparing people to hear the gospel.
Friday - We had zone conference in nealtican,a town about 20 minutes away. We got to listen to our leaders and president Reeves. They gave us some really good advice for our areas and president talked to us about getting to know our heavenly father better, which was just great.
Saturday - I honestly have nothing toreport about saturday except that us and some youth found a bunch of snakes! (Im sure krista is squirming in her seat haha:) Ill send pics!
Sunday - Sunday was great. We had ward conference and we had an investigator show up who wentto EFY (we didnt even know) and now is ready to join the church! And then two more came and they actually talked directly with the stake president for about 10 minutes, and now they are on the verge of getting baptized! It was crazy, and none of it through our efforts personally. BUT it was a little bittersweet because i wont get to be a part of their conversions. I got called last night, and I have changes. Im leaving this ward! Man changes are so hare. The good thing is that ill stay in the same zone, so i wont go far. That does mean howver that the new missionary that ill be training and i will be opening a brand new area where there wasnt missionaries previously. That should be cool!
Today - Tomorrow is changes, so im just saying by to everyone all day. I do not like good byes, they are awkward and sad.
But yes, that was my life this week! Hope everyone is doing well. Did anyone get a chance to read the Book of Mormon? Let me know!
I love you guys,
Elder Wilson

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