Monday, July 15, 2013

Group Email!

Hey everybody! Okay so i know I'm terrible at writing everybody every week, and for that I apologize! Ive been wanting to set up a weekly letter system like this for awhile now, i just didn't know exactly how I wanted to do it. But thanks to my friend Sam Heywood who is serving in New York, I think i figured that out. Hopefully he doesn't mind that I've stolen his idea:)
Okay so...
Monday - It was P-day or our preparation day. But it was kind of rushed because I had a dentist appointment in Puebla, so we had to cut everything short for the day. In the evening when we returned to our area we went and had a family home evening with a family that recently came back to church. It was really fun and uplifting, its cool to see how committed the family is to the gospel.
Tuesday - We had a zone meeting in the morning. President Reeves surprised us and showed up haha. It's always good to see president, always sharing wisdom and knowledge with us. After it was a pretty normal day, we had a couple of lessons, and one investigator let me ride his donkey. (I'll attach pictures of that.) After we had our ward council and ya! The wards been working great with us.
Wednesday - Nothing really exciting happened. We had a couple lessons, and played soccer for a bit with an investigator and his brother.
Thursday - Almost the same exact day as Wednesday.
Friday - We brought a young man whose been taking the discussions to mutual, and all the youth in the ward played soccer. He had a ton of fun and was super interested in all the programs the church has and how its recognized. I believe he'll be baptized, we just need to keep working with him and help him to gain his own testimony through the Holy Ghost.
That night when I got home the Zone Leaders gave me call. I'm going to be training a new missionary this transfer!
Saturday - I was in Puebla all day at presidents house for the capacitation for new trainers. My comp stayed here with another elder.
Sunday - Was a good day. We went to church and then visited members, giving them the first discussion. We do that so that their faith can be strengthened, and so that they can think of who this message might help:)

Welp That was my week:) I'm doing great everybody, and I love being here on my mission! Remember that the lord loves you and is always aware of your situations and trials. God lives and loves every single one of his children. His Gospel has been restored to the earth just as in ancient times. I promise you that that is true, and that that knowledge has brought so much hope and happiness to my life.  I'd like to invite everyone to read Moroni chapter 7 In the Book of Mormon. If you don't have a Book of Mormon you can read the chapter here:
I'd love to hear your thoughts and insights!

Remember to respond to me in a separate email if you'd like to respond. (and please do!) It can get a little confusing when everybody is responding on the same page. You can just open a new on, or use a conversation e already have:)

Okay guys, I love and miss every one of you so much!
Til next week,
Elder Wilson

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