Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Big Changes

Hey everybody! How was thanksgiving? I hope it went well. Mine was pretty good, we just went out for tacos, ha.

Well I have some big news! I found out why I got changed out of my old area so fast. I'm actually with my best friend in the whole mission now! His name is Elder Melaerts, he's from Las Vegas. When I say he's my best friend in the mission, that's 100% true. We've known each other since February when we were in the same district in Tehuacan. Its crazy because we always used to joke about being comps at the end of his mission, and now we are! It was funny because in every meeting were always with each other talking, so when president announced that we were companions, we already were right next to each other. Us and everyone else were shocked. Its definitely the happiest I have ever been with changes. Elder Melaerts and I are the zone leaders of the Izucar zone. We're in a small city/town about 2 hours outside of Puebla. That's the only bad part about all of this, I'm kind of far from a big urbanized city. Other than that I am loving it! Elder Melaerts goes home in February, so i will probably be with him when he goes home. And Christmas, and New Years, my birthday, its great!

I still don't know much about the area, but it seems good. I'm in a branch instead of a ward for the first time in my mission. Wards are what the congregations in the church are called, and branches are smaller versions of them.

As I get to know it more, i will let you know. Have a great week and happy December! I love you!
Elder Wilson

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