Tuesday, September 2, 2014

It's September...2014

It's September...2014... Does that seem extremely weird to anyone else??
You know your whole mission that the end will come someday, and you always hear everyone say how fast it comes... but I'm still completely blown away at how fast this has all gone by.
I can honestly say that the mission is the best thing I've ever done in my life. I love serving the Lord. I love being able to say that I'm one of his representatives. Nothing can replace His name upon your chest. You literally have the authority and power to walk into a persons house, and turn their life completely around for the better.
It's been so great. It's been so hard. It's been so rewarding.
We had 3 baptism on Saturday, and amazing family that we've been working with since the beginning of July. We actually joined our baptismal service with the sisters from another Ward, so 6 people were baptized in total. I baptized the father(Probably the last time I'll put on the White clothes!) and I confirmed him on Sunday. Both of those experiences and watching the family bear their testimonies to the Ward on Sunday, reminded me of why I'm here. "And thus they become new creatures" said Mosiah 27:26. The Gospel changes us. And the greatest part of all this isn't seeing a change in yourself (which of course happens), but its seeing the change in others that really brings happiness.
I'm excited guys:) 16 days right? ::)
I've been lacking on pictures lately, so I'm going to send a bunch today. Things that are included are the baptisms pf Mario, Guadalupe, and Christopher. And other baptisms of Josefa and Lupita. Also the wedding of Guadalupe and some other crazy stuff!
I love you guys!
Elder Wilson


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  1. Elder Wilson my brother Elder Jacob Wilson will be coming to your same mission tomorrow morning. So crazy you have the exact same mission and name but miss each other by a few weeks.