Monday, September 16, 2013

Mexico Independence!

Hello Everybody!
I will be coming home a year from tomorrow! September 17th 2014!
Its weird though, i feel like im just getting comfortable here in the mission, like I'm just getting settled in, and I only have a year left!

I missed you guys last week, I'm sorry! I didn't have a ton of time to write.
But this week I am writing, So don't worry!
Monday - We had a pretty fun pday on Monday. We went shopping in a mall here in Choula (well really we just looked around at stuff.) Then that night we had a great family home evening with an amazing family. Their son and brother  got baptized 3 years ago, and then went on his mission a year later. Since he's been gone his sister and his mom have both joined the church, and now he'll be coming home in December! Its a pretty cool story, and actually she brought her boyfriend over, and now we are teaching him also. It was a good successful day.
Tuesday - We had a zone meeting. I was surprised to see how much are zone has grown, and we now have six sister missionaries in the zone, making us 24 in all. Its amazing how many more missionary's have been arriving since the age change a year ago. Later that night we were able to have so really good lessons with investigators and less actives.
Wednesday - Was a jam packed day, we had so many lessons of high quality. We actually found a new investigator named Catalina. About 8 months ago her boyfriend got baptized, but he didn't really treat her very well, which really turned her off to the church. But now they have broken up, and  she was willing to listen to us again. We told her to forgot the bad things that maybe people had done to her, and listen to our message from scratch again. She agreed, and now she is listening to us also!
Thursday - Was a pretty slow day, we were able to visit quite a few people, but I do not know, it was still really slow. Happens!
Friday - Friday was..... Awesome!! This weekend was the  Mexican independence and in the church we had a Mexican night. Oh my goodness. Church parties in Mexico are so much better than church parties in the US. First of all, we had a good number of less actives and investigators come out. But then we had o much food! It was all seven wards from the stake, and they all brought an endless supply of delicious food. Oh my gosh i have never eaten so much in my life. It was all great fun, and a lot of really good things came from it.
Saturday - We had a lesson with Catalina, and she decided baptism is what she wants to do.. We have a baptismal service set up for her on the 12th of October! Later on we had a lesson with an investigator named Fernando, from Columbia. He came to church the last week and just showed really excited to learn more about god. Hes a very simple humble man, and we love him! We talked with him about baptism also, and he said he yes also. His service is set up for the 12th of October also!
Sunday - All of our investigators came to church, and three less actives that haven't showed up the whole time i have been here in this ward! After wards we had a lesson with Fernando at a members house where all three of there kids are leaving on missions in 2 months. They just blasted him the spirit, and afterwards he told us that that just helped him confirm his feelings that that's what he wants to follow. It was sweet.

That was my week, Tell me about yours!
I love you guys,
Elder Wilson

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