Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Hello Everyone! Its November again, can you believe it!? Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here very soon! And if I'm not mistaken, tonis birthday is on thanksgiving this year. Right? Thats sweet! Is it getting cold there? These will be my first holidays here in Mexico. We already had Halloween and dia de los muertos.But it was really weird and creepy here ha.
But we had a great week!
Monday - We didn't do much for pday, we just chilled. Then in the nighttime we had a really great experience. We had family home evening with a family, but when we got there, there wasn't a man of 18 years or older. So we called a member and told him to come. He came as fast as he could, but we still had to wait quite a while. The members were telling us to just come in and that it didn't matter. After like 20 minutes I felt like maybe we were being a little exaggerated, but we decided to be obedient and not go in. Well after like 5 minutes, a man came buy selling some weird type of deep fried tortilla with sugar. We said no to him at first. but then we felt really bad, so we called him back and bought some. Then he asked us if we were missionaries and we said yes, and he said that he was listening to the missionaries and was going to get baptized. But he had to move really abruptly here to Puebla, and lost all contact with missionaries and the church. Now he is listening to us and came to church yesterday! It really was a miracle that we found him. In doctrine and covenants 82:10 the lord tells us that he is obligated to bless us when we do what he says.Thats a pretty crazy thing to think about. We, as human beings, can obligate God. All we have to do is obey. If we had disobeyed that night and entered that house with only women, maybe nothing really bad would've happened. But we never would have met that man. And maybe he never would have had the chance to accept the gospel again in this life. As we obey God, in whatever aspect of this mortal experience, he HAS to bless us. He has promised us that, and since he is God and he is perfect, he keeps his promises. Do what God wants us to do in this life, and you'll be surprised at what he does he for you further down the road.
Tuesday- Not a ton happened, but we did get to commit two people for baptism on the 17th of November, which is always great:)
Wednesday - We had district meeting, and as a district we set a lot of goals together, which really helped us. Then we found 7 new investigators! 2 different families! And one of them has 18 year old triplets! That was nuts haha. They are awesome families too, really willing to listen and accept.
Thursday - Thursday was a pretty normal day, we did find another new investigator though.:)
Friday - I did a baptismal interview, and it was a great learning experience. Usually people are prepared for baptism, and they pass. This is the first time ive had to say no and postpone the baptism. She had some personal things she has to take care of first. She had been afraid to tell the other elders about it, but when I interviewed her it all came out. I was really afraid to offend her, but i knew that she needed to wait to be baptized. she took it really well though, and i will be doing another interview with her again hopefully this Friday:) Oh and btw, we do baptismal interviews so that we can be sure people know what they are getting into, and that are ready to change certain things that they'll need to leave behind if they are going to be baptized. Its not like an exam or anything like that. They are really great experiences.
Saturday - I did another baptismal interview! This time with an 18 year old girl named Ashley. She passed with flying colors:)
Sunday - I went to help the sisters in my district give some blessings to their investigators. That was a good experience:) And almost all our investigators came to church!
Today we just played volleyball. We played volleyball instead of soccer because the sisters came, and hey don't like soccer.
And ya.
there's my week, tell me about yours!
And for xmas, if you are thinking about sending me something heres the address:

31 poniente 109 int. 201
col. chula vista
puebla, puebla c.p. 72420
and if you send UPS youll need a phone number, and here its: 2224295474
I love you guys!

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