Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fantastic Challenges!

Whats up guys!? What is the news at home?
I've been having some crazy stuff happen lately, and its a fantastic challenge I have laid ahead of me by the Lord.
I am working in literally the most productive ward I've ever worked in, with the most effective bishop ever. And it has brought around much fruit. Yesterday we had seven investigators come to Church, and all seven have agreed to be baptized, and accepted dates. Its great!
The only thing is, every single one has a huge trial they are having to overcome to make this decision. Examples:
Josefina and Ivan: Their husband and father passed away not to long ago. They have spent years going from Church to Church looking for the answer to their pain and doubts. Josefina feels like she's found it. Ivan, however, has trouble really trusting anyone. He tried to commit suicide about a year ago, and since has really been a lost kid. We have such a hard time connecting with him, and haven't had much success in getting him to open up. Just yesterday though, we got him to finally accept that we are just normal kids, or at least were at one point haha.
Another Example:
The Santana Family. The mom just left the family to go live with another woman who practices some type of witchcraft, but says that it is all in the name of God. The brother is an inactive member, and is very scared. We have explained to him, and he knows, that Satan has no power to hurt him unless he gives in to his temptations. It is strange every time we go in that house. He knows that the way to fix and find comfort in the problems he's facing is getting by active in the Gospel and getting his children baptized. The gospel of Jesus Christ can heal all.

Mario Maria and Christopher: These three are golden investigators, and they have been since we started. They have a date to get baptized on the 27th of this month. One thing with them is that they need to get married. (They have lived together for 20 years almost, they just haven't been married yet). But the Lord has asked us to obey the laws of the land, so to obey the law of chastity and get married to be baptized. Well anyways, the husband said yes to being married, but the wife has a been a bit iffy. The other day we found out why. The wife has a daughter from another man, and one day that daughter came to visit. Well the husband tried to well..., sexually assault her. The wife caught them and stopped it. That was years and years ago, but, with reason, she does not feel she can trust him. I think that two years ago, I would've hated this man and told the woman to leave him... But I know that Jesus Christ lives. I know that Jesus Christ already paid for this. Not only for the very grievous sin this man tried to commit, but also for the immense emotional damage that was done to that young woman and her mother. The Lord has put these people in our path for a reason.He wants them to change, he wants for them to be healed of these pains that have been in their hearts for so long. The Lord has the power to fix this family,and help them all reach Eternal Life together.
With all these families we have our work cut out for us. But I know that we are not alone. as we are obedient and seek the guidance of the Spirit, he will tell us exactly how we need to help these people overcome their past selves, and "become new creatures in Christ."
I couldn't think of a more wonderful way to finish my mission.
I love you all!
Elder Wilson

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